Humpday Confessions

I haven’t done this in a long time so when I saw Kathy’s post today I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and do this for shits and giggles.

+ I find it absolutely hilarious that Tony compared me to a yappy chihuahua when I get excited about things and him to a grumpy bull dog because his excitement doesn’t show outwardly like mine does. He then sent me this video and I really cracked up because it is pretty accurate only without the hitting part lol

+ A lot of people have been commenting lately on my sassy demeanor and my ability to tell people what I think. Sometimes I wonder if I’m coming across as too much of a bitch? Then I realize that I don’t really care because I know that I am not out right rude to people, but I am stern and if being stern means that I’m a bitch then I guess I’m a bitch. Working in customer service I am never just outright hateful to someone, but I do not have a problem voicing my dissatisfaction but also doing so professionally. I also don’t have an issue with telling people who are talking to me in a demeaning fashion to not talk to me like that and I have kicked a lady out of the video store for calling me a bitch and yelling at me for absolutely no reason at all (mostly because I wouldn’t break the rules for her). It’s called respect. Have some.


+ One of the girls I work with at the video store said she needed to hang out with me so that I rub off on her because she’s too soft. I told her it comes with age. When I was younger I was way too soft and would let people walk all over me. Now I don’t really care to voice my opinion.

+ I hate this whole election. The person I voted for in the primaries didn’t make it and now we are stuck choosing between two people I really don’t care about. All the political talk gives me a headache and I just wish it were over with already. Also, it grinds my nerves that people get so pissed off when someone states their opinion. Opinions are like butt holes – everyone has one and even if you don’t like it you can be a little more respectful in how you point it out and disagree.


+ This clown thing is getting out of control. I don’t like clowns and now I’m terrified to even keep my blinds open because while nothing has been reported here I’m terrified that one night I’m going to look up from my couch and see a creepy ass clown face staring at me through my window. I’ve also been seeing a lot of videos of clowns chasing people down the street while they are driving…I’m sorry but why are these people not running these clowns over? You’re in a car and they are running at you with a knife…I think you can handle it. And don’t even get me started on all the surveillance cameras catching clowns trying to break into people’s homes. I just cannot even deal. The closer it gets to Halloween the more freaked I get about closing the video store by myself.


And that’s all I got for you folks on this fine Wednesday morning.

Hurry up Friday!

Until Next Time,

Fall Favorites

A while back my dear sweet friend Meghan asked me to do a guest post on her space about things I love about fall. So I’m sharing that with you today!

It is absolutely the BEST time of the year…and no I don’t mean Christmas…I’m talking about FALLLLLLLL

I love absolutely every single thing about fall. If I could move somewhere where fall was the season year round I would do it in a heartbeat no questions asked. I’d pack my bags and set up camp in a place where I could display pumpkins, burn my apple candles, drink apple cider and eat pumpkin pancakes in my over sized cozy sweater all year long. There are some people are all pumpkin flavored or they like apple cider…me I want it all in my mouth with the windows open and me covered in a large blanket.

This time of year makes my heart excited and overjoyed and there is no time at all that makes me happier than fall.


  1. The Leaves Changing Colors
    I don’t think there is truly a season more beautiful than fall and when the leaves started to change colors. The second I see a leaf start to change my heart leaps. It’s beautiful.
  2. The crisp weather
    There is nothing I love more than sitting on my couch with the windows open, candles burning, under a blanket with just a little bit of light. The cool weather that comes with fall is just exciting.
  3. Pumpkins
    Look yes I’m a basic white girl and yes I like my pumpkin spice latte, but here’s the thing I like pumpkin flavored anything (but the pumpkin spice latte from McDonald’s…ya nasty). If it’s pumpkin flavored I’ll give it a shot because I’m not one to judge the pumpkin until I taste it.
    Aside from just eating the pumpkins though I love to decorate with them. I love for my apartment to look like fall and Halloween barfed all over it while I’m sitting there cozy under my blanket eating a pumpkin muffin.
  4. Halloween
    Everyone loves Christmas. I feel like that’s a given. I love Halloween because it’s smack dap in the middle of my favorite season and at the end of my favorite month. You can dress up, have fun, and eat candy. Why would you not like Halloween? Plus it means those candy corn pumpkin things are for sale and I could eat my weight in those…they may also be the reason why I struggle losing weight.
  5. Cozy sweaters
    Along with cozying up with a blanket with the windows open I also love wearing big over sized sweaters.
  6. I can watch Hocus Pocus guilt free
    I watch this movie all year long and I don’t really care what anyone says BUT this is the season I can bust it out and no one can say anything because tis the season to run amok, amok, amok
  7. Fresh Apples / Apple Cider
    I hate and even that isn’t a strong enough word for it, but anyway..I HATE apples and apple cider from a grocery store. Look they just aren’t good. This time of year I can FINALLY eat good, fresh apples and along with those good, fresh apples being in season means GOOD apple cider is in season and by good I mean go to an orchard and taste that shiz and then tell me you can’t taste a difference between that and the crap at chain stores.
  8. Football Season
    I don’t really watch much sports aside from college football. We live for college football down south and by college football I mean War Eagle please. I do love baseball but Football is what I enjoy most. Recently dating Tony I have started watching and getting into the Carolina Panthers. Fall means football.

So those are my fall staples and the things that make me very excited about this new season coming.

What do you enjoy about fall?
What’s your favorite season?

Until Next Time,

Music Monday

For music Monday I thought I would share my Top 25 Most Played songs on iTunes. After looking at it though there really isn’t a lot of variety to it. It’s mainly Cole with some Luke and one Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift song in there. I am nothing if not consistent though.

Anyway here’s the list!

  1. Hope You Get Lonely Tonight – Cole Swindell
  2. Chillin It – Cole Swindell
  3. Ain’t Worth the Whiskey – Cole Swindell
  4. Swayin – Cole Swindell
  5. Hey Y’all – Cole Swindell
  6. I Just Want You – Cole Swindell
  7. Get Up – Cole Swindell
  8. Down Home Boys – Cole Swindell
  9. Brought To You By Beer – Cole Swindell
  10. Let Me See Ya Girl – Cole Swindell
  11. 11. The Back Roads and the Back Row – Cole Swindell
  12. A Dozen Roses & A Six Pack – Cole Swindell
  13. Workin’ on Me – Cole Swindell
  14. The Way You’re Lovin Me Now – Cole Swindell
  15. Kiss – Cole Swindell
  16. Ready – Cole Swindell
  17. I See You – Luke Bryan
  18. Boomerang – Cole Swindell
  19. Play it Again – Luke Bryan
  20. Country Girl – Luke Bryan
  21. That’s My Kinda Night- Luke Bryan
  22. Out Like That – Luke Bryan
  23. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
  24. Crash My Party – Luke Bryan
  25. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Not nearly as exciting as I had hoped. Cole’s entire first album shows as the most played because for the first 2 years it was literally all I listened to and you don’t go to see him 9 times in concert without having his entire list of music memorized.

Oh well!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Until Next Time,


Everything Changes : Wedding Wednesday

Remember how 2 weeks ago I posted my Pinterest inspiration board for June and how I was so excited?

HA! Oops.

Literally the day after that post went live we scratched everything for our June 10 wedding and moved that sucker up nearly 6 months and are now getting married December 31 of THIS year.

Here’s just a few things –

  • I’m ready to be married. To me it’s not about the wedding, but the marriage and I do not like us being apart and not being together. I hate saying good bye and I’ve waited 31 years and I’m tired of waiting to marry my best friend.
  • Weddings are hella expensive yo. Doing this route we have already saved nearly $3,000. It’s not that we don’t have that money to spend, but dang there are so many other things we can do with that money.
  • I was stressing out about planning. It seemed like everyday there was something new that popped up to do or that needed to be done and all the tiny details just stressed me out too much. And honestly even though the wedding is closer I am not nearly as stressed out as I was.
  • I do not have to impress anyone. This day is about Tony and I and I am not putting this day together to out do or impress anyone.

So what are we cutting out of the wedding?

  • Bridal party. We are cutting our ceremony itself down and we will no longer be having a huge bridal party.
  • DJ. We were having our friend DJ for us, but he is booked for New Year’s Eve and our reception is only going to be 3 hours long (we want people to still be able to enjoy their night & New Year’s plans) so there’s no need for a DJ anymore. So we will just set up a playlist and speaker and Spotify that shiz.
  • Photography. No we aren’t cutting the photography out and we are still going to have it, but we aren’t using the people we were planning to use anymore because my very dear, DEAR friend Hannah will be doing the photography for us and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. I am so happy that Hannah will now be able to be there for our big day. When it was originally scheduled in June she wasn’t going to be able to be there.
  • Catering. We paid the deposit on the caterer and we can’t get that back, BUT they are letting us use what we did pay already towards that day so it works out. I ordered a shit ton of meatballs for the reception. Everything else we are pitching in and doing ourselves and having people help us.
  • Not renting a location. As much as I loved the barn and the place we were going to initially have our reception…now that we are going to get married in December we needed a place indoors. I don’t want people freezing to death in Indiana outside while we get married. We can get Tony’s church and their hall for the reception for free.
  • Leaving it open house. We are leaving it open ended where people can come and go as they please.

Maybe it all seems non traditional, but it works and I am honestly not stressed out about any of it anymore. We are still keeping the concept the same – rustic, country and the tables will be the same only instead of the pink we are having red.

Initially I wanted this big wedding because it’s what everyone does. I love Tony and I want to marry him but I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in order for our marriage to be any more real. It’s one day and one day does not define how our marriage will go or if it will be successful or not.

So there’s that. It’s all changed and I’m a lot happier.

Until Next Time,


Music Monday

Before I get to this music Monday can I just say I am so ready for this election to be over with? It’s all just giving me a headache with the shit slinging back and forth.

Also, I’m going to get on a high horse for just a second…
I saw comments on FB where people were saying that the Don’s comments about women were just locker room banter and we shouldn’t take it so seriously…I’m sorry but what? I know loads of good men – my dad, my grandpa, my uncle, my brother, my fiance, my numerous guy friends that would never speak of a woman in such a disgusting and distasteful manner. I don’t care that it was over 10 years ago…it’s disgusting and to dismiss it as something that “all guys do” in a locker room is ridiculous. I don’t have to be around all the people I’m close to in my life all the time to know that they wouldn’t speak about women in that way. If you are close to men that would and you think that’s okay then YOU need to reevaluate who you’re hanging out with because it is NOT okay. They way he speaks about women is not a surprise so something that happened 10 years ago shouldn’t shock everyone, but what I’m not okay with is the fact that people act like it’s completely normal and okay for him to actually talk about women that way. It’s not okay.

And that’s about as political as I’m going to get on this blog. I don’t want this to become a political ranting place because at this point I don’t like either candidate. So there’s that…I feel like Donald running started out as a joke that now has to continue because there are actual human beings that think he is a great choice for our country…

Anyway enough of politics. I hate them…let’s get to music because music is better…

Setting the World on Fire – Kenny Chesney ft Pink
I really enjoy this song. I’ve always loved Pink. I have loved her when she first started with her “I don’t give a shit” attitude. She has always stayed true to who she is and I love that. Also, I am enjoying Kenny’s new stuff. For a while there I wasn’t enjoying him so much but this last cd is one of my favorites.

May We All – Florida Georgia Line ft. Tim McGraw
This video! This song! I just love it. I know there are people that don’t really care for FGL, but I really like them a lot. They are just fun and they are really good in concert too. I was hoping I’d get to see them this Friday, but it didn’t work out. Anyway, this song and this video are great.

Today – Brad Paisley
I just love Brad Paisley. I have always been a huge fan of his music because it talks about real life and you don’t ever hear negative feedback on him. I also love his sense of humor and He’s also great in concert too. I saw this video and heard this song and I seriously bawled like a baby. Soldiers coming home and surprising their family always gets me. I just can’t get enough of this song. And now I’m crying again listening to this and writing this.

So what music have you been loving lately?

Until Next Time,

October Currently & Goals

First of all….let’s check in on my September goals and see how I did:

// Lose at least 5-10 pounds. 
Pass. I did manage to lose 5 pounds. I was hoping for more, but I will take the 5.

// Work out 5 times a week.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Fail. I had a lot of back and hip pain this month. I did manage to make it at least 3 times a week though.

// Pay the deposit on our DJ.
Fail BUT this is a good fail. I will have more on that next week.

// Make a plan for engagement pictures.
Pass! We are taking our pictures 11/06. At the time that this was posted though on of my friends was going to do them but said friend never got back with me on it so I just hired someone.

// Write and plan blog posts ahead of schedule.
Pass/Fail. I am working hard to try and have some kind of content a few times a week. I have a lot I want to write about it’s just a matter of actually doing it.

NOW for the October goals

// Lose 5 pounds
Ideally more, but I’m going to start small and keep it going

// Do some form of activity 4 times a week

// Send address and ideas to photographer for engagement picture in November

// Keep laundry caught up & apartment picked up
I have an awful habit of just letting things pile up. If I start doing this little by little everyday it won’t be such an awful task on the weekends.

// Make 2 new recipes and blog them.
Make those HEALTHY!

Now for Currently this month…

Reading: I am currently reading 2 books:



Loving: planning my wedding. On Tuesday we bought the dress and the invitations.

Buying: Nothing currently. I’m challenging myself to spend less these next couple of weeks.

Annoyed: Work. It’s usually always work. (still. it was my answer in September too)

Appreciating: My parents. Especially my mom she is really a big help with the wedding planning.

Wondering: If one of the jobs I’ve applied to will call me…change is good right? Still…same….still…

Listening: Y’all I have been watching so much Empire. I know it says listening, but whatever. I’m not listening to much but Empire while I’m watching it.

Feeling: Sleepy. Still always sleepy.

Failing: Nothing that I know of.

Keeping: Consistent. I am really working to be consistent in my health and blogging

Writing: Blog posts! I have been really working hard to try and keep this blog updated more!

Planning: My wedding!


What have you been up to lately?

Until Next Time,

1 year later…


Today is Tony and I’s 1 year anniversary. This is also the longest relationship that I have ever been in and it’s also without a shadow of a doubt the BEST relationship I’ve ever been in.

When we met I was going through the aftermaths of a very bad breakup with someone who had cheated on me and he was coming home from Oklahoma after ending things with his relationship there. I had sworn off dating after the things with E ended and said I was going to take time and focus on myself. I had committed to NOT dating for the rest of 2016 and I was pretty serious about it.

And then there was Tony. I told him all of this and he said it was fine and that we would just be friends, but eventually I realized that he was different and he was someone I didn’t want to let go.

Before Tony as much as I wanted to get married I had this idea in my head that I wouldn’t. Forever seemed like a really long time and the way I saw it you had to really, REALLY like the person to spend that much time with them. I have to say I really, really REALLY like Tony because I cannot wait to marry him.

He has shown me what love actually is. He has been patient with me when I freaked out a few times in the beginning because I was so use to being lied to and used by boys. He showed me what a man is. He never ceases to sweep me off my feet and surprise me. What I love most is that we are both two very independent individuals but we also fit together very well.

Tony, I love you and I am so excited to marry you and I cannot wait to be your wife and spend many more years with you. Thank you for loving me, being patient with me, and never giving up one me.

Until Next Time,